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Fun Things to do in Southeast Asia

map of southeast asiaThe wide number of things to do in Asia is one of those countries hard to summarize in just one post–the region is enormous and diverse. That’s why we’re taking a close up look at things to do in Southeast Asia in particular this month. Southeast Asia spans a number of climates and topographies and adventurous expats living in the region can fulfill almost any fancy…if you’ve always dreamed of a beautiful air balloon ride over a historic region? Yep, Angkor Wat has you covered. Rock climbing? The options in the Thai islands and Laos are overwhelming.

Things to Do in Southeast Asia

So, with that in mind, let’s look at several of the most popular things to do in Southeast Asia for expats and travelers with specific recommendations at each stage for where and expatriates should consider these activities!

Adventure Tours

New expats in Southeast Asia often report back that they want to get to know the region better, and that’s where adventure tours can add a slice of fun to a weekend off from work or retirement. Flight Centre’s search features are wonderful and allow you to narrow down the various tours to the Southeast Asian region specifically. The options here range from temple tours, foodie tours, and even those jumping from one adventurous activity in the region to the next.

This is a great option if you need a border run as well; why not jump on one of the tours and make a vacation out of it?!

Sunny Beach Days

Southeast Asia likely has more beach-front time than many other places in the region because of the many islands and long and skinny peninsulas throughout the countries. The good news is that you have a huge number of choices ideal for any type of beach goer. If you’re intrigued by the party scene and looking for a weekend of debauchery and fun, head to Koh Phangan for the monthly Full Moon Party.

Interested instead in secluded beach time and peace and quiet from urban life? Check out Palawan in the Philippines, it’s stunning, under-touristed, and completely relaxing.

For the adventure seekers interested in fun activities to splice into their beach time head to Camiguin in the Philippines and for beauty and culture look no further than Bali, Indonesia.

Temples and Culture

temple southeast asia
Ornate statutes from a temple in Bali, Indonesia.

Kingdoms dating back to the early 12th Century, mystical statues and shines, it’s all here in Southeast Asia. The culture in the region is quite diverse and you will see your fare share of temples (wats) no matter which country you choose. The mac daddy of the temple sites in Southeast Asia is Angkor Wat in Cambodia, a complex of Khmer temples dating back more than 800 years. That’s just the start though, consider visiting hilltribe villages in Northern Thailand, Laos and Vietnam over several weeks for a close look at the spiritual and cultural side of Southeast Asia.

Foodie Delights and Street Food

Your taste buds will go on a culinary journey in Southeast Asia, and the first stop is Penang, Malaysia for some of the most intriguing fusion cuisine in the region. Penang is a melting pot of culture and the Chinese influence on the city means soups and noodles rein supreme at the Chinese street food stalls, but journey just a bit further and you’ll dive into fresh and piping hot Indian curries and naan.

This is just the start though, the options for things to do in Southeast Asia are simply endless. If you have a specific activity in mind, chances are you can do it!

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