Survey’s In: The Best Places to Visit in Asia in 2013

One of the best parts of living as an expat in Asia is the fact that there are so many other cities nearby that are just a plane ride away. And one of the hardest parts of moving to Asia is deciding which city hits all of your buttons in terms of food, culture, transportation and work — when you find one you love many expats tend to become very vocal supporters of their new city (dare we say recruiters even, selling the city as a top spot for living and working in a foreign culture.

But as you actively pick one city in which to live, that leaves a lot of other vibrant hubs of activity, culture, and even relaxation, as unexplored. So, what’s an expat to do. That’s where this great survey comes into play. As you’re looking at they map and thinking of a next spot to go on your break from work, look no further than this survey that polled some of the hottest spots in Asia right now. These win out over the others for a range of reasons: culture, a happening food scene, or even natural beauty in many cases. And having personally visited a lot of the ones that made the list this year, I can say that several would not have made it if it weren’t for a lot of time, effort, and investment from the city/country’s government (I’m looking at you Shanghai). When a government invests in solid transportation networks throughout the country it just makes it a lot easier to pop into a city for a weekend getaway.

And so, with that in mind we leave you with this list of top spots for 2013. Did your city make the list? Is one missing from the roundup that you think is a crime against humanity and should be there? Let us know in the comments!

Top 16 Destinations to Travel in Asia

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