ubud, bali accommodation

How to Find Asia Accommodation

ubud, bali accommodation

Expats moving to Asia become pros at the process of finding long-term accommodation–you search the expat forums for your new city of choice, troll the streets of the city, and ask new friends and guest house owners for recommendations.

But what about when you leave your new hometown for a new city, a weekend getaway can cause stress because you’re already familiar with the culture and language, and you likely know your new town like the back of your hand if you’ve been living in Asia for long enough, but those quick visa runs to nearby cities are another thing entirely.

If you’re looking for the best way to find hotels, guesthouses, and even hostels then any of the following sites and Asia accommodation tips should set you to rights so you can actually enjoy the weekend trip to your neighboring city.

Tips for Finding Good Accommodation in Asia

As with so many things nowadays, the vast majority of these tips are going to center on internet based research because, even in Asia, most of the big cities and towns are well represented online by either the guesthouse operators, or other travelers who have passed through and shared recommendations.

Ask Your Current Expat Friends

Though most of your legwork is done online for booking accommodation, you just might get lucky with another expat friend who has a favorite hotel recommendation for you. Other expats and travelers you have befriended are likely also doing their visa runs and weekend vacations so you could get lucky right off the bat with an awesome recommendation and contact with a quick email or Facebook post.

But what if you don’t?

Check out Accommodation Reviews

Go online and find out what the other travelers on the internet have to say about your chosen destination. TripAdvisor.com is a really wonderful spot because they have a huge number of reviews. Google is a growing spot for business reviews though I have found they are really much better for Europe and North America than most cities in Asia as far as hotel reviews are concerned.

Ask in the Travel Forums

I frequently recommend a wide number of expat forums for expatriates to use–these are great ways to connect with others in your city and ask for advice. Along that same train of thought are the major travel forums out there where international backpackers converge and share. If you’re still stumped about a great place to stay (which really should only happen if you’re traveling to a truly tiny town) then head here and post a question in the proper place in the forums and you’ll be amazed by the helpful feedback from others.

Just Book Your Trip Ticket and Wing It

This option is not the feint of heart, but the more adventurous travelers will really jive with the mentality that you can figure it out once you arrive. The only caveat here is if you plan to arrive late at night, when roaming the streets for rooms can very stressful. Otherwise, though, consider showing up and figuring it out once you get there. There are guesthouses in even the smallest of towns and villages so there is every likelihood that once you arrive a helpful local can easily point you in the right direction for some Asia accommodation.

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